• I'm Bradders, I try to keep the wheels turning and the new ideas coming.

    Brad Atherton

    Creative Director
  • Hello! I get all the boring stuff to do like paperwork, I never see anyone, I'm lonely.

    Claire Allen

  • Hello Cornwall, I'm Elle and it's me that'll come knocking on your door for a chat about KiK, did I mention it's only £1 per week?

    Elle Dommett

    Business Consultant
  • I'm the 'behind the scenes' guy, I make sure the website and emails are working all the time. Technical error? Contact me!

    Jake Riding

    Digital Manager
  • I'm Laura, the cheeky one of the bunch! I spend my time on the road meeting Cornish Businesses.

    Laura Jewell

    Business Consultant
  • I'm Rob, the larger than life guy who can't help but spread the KiK word all over Cornwall.

    Rob Dickinson

    Business Consultant
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